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The first of its kind one-stop-shop to serve Gibson County, located in the heart of Trenton. We specialize in all things beauty and art! Our studio is located at 111 West Eaton Street, Trenton, Tennessee. We offer cosmetic and medical tattooing, tattoos and piercings,  esthetic services and more. We are the only fine jewelry shop in the area offering high quality jewelry, styling, and permanent jewelry.  We pride ourselves in making our clients feel beautiful in a comfortable and welcoming environment.
Alexandra Hardee opened Bombshell Ink to create a place unlike anything else that empowered clients and celebrated their originality. A fun fact that makes Bombshell even more special to us, Alex and Jonah's great aunt was one of the first female tattoo artists and shop owners during the 50's. Fay Balch was a tattoo icon who opened a tattoo shop in Waynesville, Missouri, in 1957. Billed as the area’s only health department-approved studio, the establishment also boasted a rifle range. Tattooing and beauty runs deep in our roots and resonates through our historic studio.

Powder brows done by artist Alexandra Hardee

Alex is amazing at designing tattoos, tattooing, and permanent makeup. She takes her time to make sure you’re comfortable and what you want the end result to be. She’s a perfectionist in the best way possible and you can tell it in her work. You will not regret anything you get done by her!


Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almAlex and Sadie are absolutely phenomenal at what they do! Alex is more than just your typical artist. She is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about her work! When I say her attention to detail is impeccable I mean it. Her artistic vision makes her so unique in this industry and besides being an amazing artist she is one of the most real and raw individuals I know. I love and adore Alex and Bombshell!ost every site.


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Eyebrow and lip tattooing by Alexandra Hardee
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