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Alexandra’s Books Opening ✨

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I will begin taking new appointments for September August 15th for eyebrows, lip blushing, liner, and areola restoration! However, I will only be working part time during September so appointments will be limited. if you’re interested in booking please send me an email with what service you are wanting and fill out the below questionnaire! (just copy and paste to an email)

August 15th, I will begin scheduling and taking booking fees. The booking fee is a nonrefundable $100 and is taken off the total cost of the service.

I look forward to seeing your lovely faces! 🖤

  • Name: *

  • Desired service(s): *

  • Are you atleast 18 years of age? *

  • You can confirm you are not pregnant or breast feeding? *

  • Do you have any medical complications that could interfere with receiving your service? *

  • Botox and fillers must be done 2 weeks before service and 2 weeks after the service, is this something you can accommodate? *

  • If you have any prior permanent makeup done (including microblading) please include a clear photo(s) in a well lit setting:

  • Do you agree to read and follow pre care (located at *

  • Do you agree to read and follow after care (located at

  • Have you reviewed and understand our cancellation and reschedule policies located on the main scheduling page? *

  • Have you reviewed and understand our no refunds policy (exceptions made if you are no longer medically able to receive permanent makeup services providing a doctors note) ? *yesno

  • Client understands that a certain amount of pain may be associated with receiving these services and agrees to do their best to cooperate with artist so that the artist can best do their job (Pre numbing is provided on all services)

  • Client understands that cash is preferred for the remainder of the balance and assumes responsibility of card transaction fees in the event that a debit/credit care must be used

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